Nissan appoints GM for digital marketing

Nissan has appointed Hussein M Dajani as general manager, Digital Marketing, for Africa, the Middle East and India.

Hussein M Dajani, GM – Digital Marketing, Nissan

He will lead Nissan’s digital and social media strategy in the region, which is becoming ever more significant for Nissan’s global business. Working with teams in local markets, his role will be to ensure that the company delivers an innovative experience online for customers, matching the innovation in Nissan’s cars. He will also take the lead on digital and content for Nissan’s regional Communications function, working on strategies to support the company’s business goals.

Dajani, who has a BS in Business Administration from the American University in Beirut said: “I am delighted to be joining Nissan and I am looking forward to further strengthening Nissan’s digital footprint in Africa, the Middle East and India.

“This region is dynamic and includes some the fastest-growing, most promising economies in the world. Nissan is committed to offering our customers the best cars and customer service whether they are a first-time car-owner buying a Datsun redi-GO in India, or the latest generation of their family to purchase a Nissan Patrol in the Middle East.”

Nissan already has a strong and growing presence with more than 15,000 employees across 87 countries in Africa, the Middle East and India. Four major regional hubs control Marketing and Sales, and related functions, in the United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt and South Africa – as well as satellite offices in other key markets including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are factories building Nissan cars in India, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria with a combined annual production capacity of more than half a million units.

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SMS still generates the maximum ROI for advertisers in digital marketing today

Do you wonder why you are being bombarded by text messages (SMS) by restaurants, shops, retailers, et al, every day?

One word. ROI.

Key highlights:

~ SMS gains more traction from customers than other digital marketing mediums

~ Lack of personal messaging and more of business messaging a reason for higher conversion

~ More chance of targeting and finding out who opened the SMS

SMS still gives advertisers more return on investment (ROI) or traction than even other digital marketing platforms.

Vishwadeep Bajaj, Founder-CEO of digital marketing company ValueFirst Digital said, “Although SMS has grown over the years and has been a popular choice, off late people has started questioning whether the SMS will exist or not. Now what we started noticing is that that ROI for brands on SMS has started increasing.”

He said that when the tried to understand the reason why this was happening the found out that the lack of person to person (P2P) communication and SMS becoming used only for official business purposes was leading to more conversion for brands advertising.

“If earlier person to person communication was happening using SMS, now that has moved out to WhatsApp and other platforms like Facebook Messenger. So whatever communication you get within your SMS is business communication. So suddenly the pull for SMS for its ability to create conversion has increased significantly. So the SMS has regained its flavor with brands because of P2P communication being absent from that channel,” Bajaj said.

Another reason for the rising popularity of SMS for advertising is that now more people have smartphones and within SMS you can send a link, he adds. “Now instead of doing 160 characters communication you can a range of media communication which takes you to the portal when you click the link and can drive you to richer communication,” he said.

Bajaj says that you can also track the particular mobile number that clicked on the content using Bitly. So you can identify the consumer in a much more significant way.

It was not only Bajaj that pointed to this fact, even Future Group’s Digital Head Pawan Sarda said that off late they have been seeing huge amount of traction through SMS.

“The world is saying its dated but its not. So I was thinking that how is the SMS and Email creating so much of conversion for us? Because we are generally being true to our audience and customers. If you are true to yourself and true to what you do, I am sure any medium will create conversion for you,” he said.

Social media platform Twitter’s India Industry Head, Anupam Dixit said that any marketer who is ditching SMS and email as a tool for marketing is not really sure about what they are doing.


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INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Viral Marketing)

Best Viral Marketing Campaign 2016

Trumping Donald – A TE-A-ME intervention

The Campaign

The intention and endeavor behind this intervention was to spread the word about the power of tea. #TeaForTrump digital & content marketing activation focused on asking users to send their requests to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) directly so that he drinks the green tea & can purify his mind and soul. Trump is known to elicit strong concerns around the world owing to his extreme views often bordering on sexism, racism and beyond. In a modern take of the Gandhian principle of peaceful persuasion, TE-A-ME Teas took a friendly approach to changing Trump for the better. After all, green tea has been proven to fight against harmful free radicals and cleanse the mind and bodies, helping one regain a healthy balance!

The Idea

TE-A-ME teas delivered four years’ supply of green tea to Donald Trump. The special delivery went all the way to Trump Tower, New York in a good-humored attempt to cleanse Trump’s system. The idea behind viral marketing was to ride on the velocity-time graph for #TeaForTrump. The core of digital campaign execution strategy was real-time marketing, turning our content into liquid content & discoverable over the Internet. The recipe behind the perfect execution of this campaign lies in an exact and opportune mix of timing, audience targeting, distribution channels, amplification, seeding, and cross promotion on multiple platforms.

The Results

By September 2016, tea for trump campaign had already delivered: 42000+ video shares | 3.2M video videos (in first 72 hours) | 22,000 tweets (having 60+ twitter verified profiles) | 800+ stories | 400M+ impressions from 80+ countries (lead by india & US) | 200000+ digital engagements (likes, shares, comments across all platforms)


Click here to view the campaign video.

If you, too, have executed exemplary digital campaigns in the last one year, go ahead and submit your nominations for the DOD Awards 2017 – India’s most coveted Digital honor.

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Industry Best Practices – #49 Search Advertising Tips (Part 1)


Search Advertising Tips (Part 1)

  1. Identify and follow the rules of Bing, Yahoo!, and Google search ads before running your campaign as all have slightly different formats.
  2. Optimize the URL displayed in your search ad so that it’s relevant to the product or service you are promoting.
  3. Include target keywords in your headlines and copy that either match or closely match the keywords you bid on in order to boost the chance that your ad appears for those terms.

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