INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Multi Channel Campaign by/for an Automobile Company)

Best Multi Channel Campaign by/for an Automobile Company

By Inextis Events Pvt Ltd for Tata Motors Ltd

The Campaign

Zest – A word that connotes great enthusiasm and energy – exactly the persona Tata Motors had in mind when they launched the Zest. The aim was to rebrand themselves as a youthful and energetic brand in touch with the needs of today’s consumers. To understand and communicate with the millennial generation. Keeping the positioning in mind, objective was to connect with consumers in a meaningful yet stylish manner. To join in the conversation with consumers yet have fun while doing so. Being a key experiential and strategic partner to TML, Inextis had been working closely with them on various projects and the brand Zest in particular.

Hence a strong understanding of the brand ethos and what could be done to leverage it.

Key Objectives:

  1. Bring customers together for a shared experience
  2. Make them part of a community
  3. Build organic conversations that lead to media coverage

The Idea

The driving force behind their concept is the idea of “Family” to help the brand evolve into an inclusive community where consumers and their vehicles could come together under the umbrella of shared experiences. How they bought their concept alive:

The TML brands BOLT & ZEST were already part of a pan India program called the Mileage Rally. Their key idea was to tie all these small-scale rallies together culminating into one big rally that would become a part of the INDIA AND ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS. Tech driven engagements were integral to highlighting the energy and youthfulness of the brand while also providing fun user generated content that could be amplified on social media. The audience experienced engagements like:

  1. Anti-gravity Photo Booth.
  2. Tech Finger – Motion sensor gaming using your fingers
  3. Life Size Angry Birds

Racing tracks and much more, all of which were an instant hit with the TG. Inextis also shared a common goal with TML: The engagements needed to be not only innovative but shareable, amplifiable and most of all, fun for the Zest customer.


In order to bring their consumers into the Zest community, it was important to have a finale option where the audience could go from being passive spectators to fully involved participants – in other words, creating a feeling of being ONE family.

The core thought started from creating ONE rhythm together and resulted in creating the “Drums Cafe India” for the finale – where the audience came together and created a cohesive symphony – which, unsurprisingly, became one of the biggest highlights of the event.

The Result

  • #ZestRecordRun trended for more than 6 hours in India
  • Ranked number 1 for more than 2 hours
  • Digital Reach – 22 lacs
  • Digital Impressions – 34.2 million
  • Zest Run video on YouTube – 25lac impressions, 6lac views and 5lac post engagement
  • Covered by more than 40publications

If you, too, have executed exemplary campaigns in the last one year, go ahead and submit your nominations for the ICL Awards 2018 – India’s most sought-after Content programme of the Year.

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INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Viral Marketing Campaign)

Best Viral Marketing Campaign

By Sparkt Private Limited for Star Plus

The Campaign

The channel, through its content, has always supported the cause of gender equity and has been a beacon brand for women, encouraging women to stand up for their identity.

Taking this legacy forward, and to challenge and question orthodoxy and age-old gender stereotypes that come in the way of progress for women they created a vibrant expression for the limitless power of women, through the brand philosophy of “Nayi Soch”.

The objective was to establish the new philosophy and generate a social media storm of chatter around #NayiSoch and innovative user engagement that created a movement on digital platforms reaching out to maximum users along with celebrity contribution.

The Idea

To leverage the biggest sport in the country that is dominated by males to break the stereotypical notions around lineage and identity fall short of acknowledging the role of women. The campaign films of real life examples of the 3 cricketer icons and the philosophy were released across all digital platforms along with on-air.

The channel took this thought to each and every user online by letting them join the #NayiSoch chatter on Twitter by not just tweeting but also sporting a virtual customized jersey just like the cricketers do in the films. The activity was a first of a kind ever done by any brand to connect with each viewer individually with a customized response and engagement where last name on the user profile, the profile pic change to customized jersey with mother’s name, a Twitter header of Nayi Soch with all 3 cricketers and a customized auto tweet on their feed happened altogether with a single click on the platform.

On 29th Oct, the Indian cricket team walked into the cricket stadium with their mother’s names on their jersey for a match establishing the philosophy of Nayi Soch – a first ever in sporting history. The channel released exclusive clips from the match on social platforms further amplifying the buzz.

The lead protagonists of the shows on the channel in exclusive video clips sported the jerseys with their mother’s names and spoke about the contribution of their mother’s in their success.

The channel unveiled the Nayi Soch with the new women characters and films with vibrant expression for the limitless power of women,that mirrored the brand philosophy of Nayi Soch on 7th November 2016.

The Result

  • Over 8 billion potential impressions.
  • Over 1lakh total mentions.
  • 2000K+ profile changes on Twitter.
  • 23Mn+ Video Views.
  • #NayiSoch trended at 1 spot in India.
  • Celebrities of the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor etc also contributed to the cause in conversation on Twitter
  • Acknowledged by the Amul through hoardings.

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Video Marketing Campaign)

Best Video Marketing Campaign

By WATConsult for Digibank by DBS

The Campaign

The communication goal was to reach out to millennials to spread awareness for DBS’ new mobile-only banking app ‘Digibank’. Since DBS is currently a lesser known bank in India, the brand wanted to take up a disruptive approach to make consumers take note, increase brand recall, thereby increasing app downloads & new Savings Bank Account openings.

The Idea

In order to make sure that the campaign reached far and wide in the digital sphere, they created content that is interesting and shareable at the same time. They created 20 videos that were scripted basis the top trending videos on YouTube. The idea behind this was to make sure our ads appear on only those videos that the target audience is bound to watch. The message for all these videos was to highlight the brand features while still maintaining the essence of the trending video.

Their campaign was based on an insight that a lot of people spend time watching videos on YouTube. They specifically wanted to reach out to millennials and potential customers. YouTube as a video consumption platform has a lot of traction and they wanted to leverage that for the campaign. Their solution to the brief was to reach out to the masses via a programmatic video campaign wherein they created 20 videos and script them basis the trending videos on YouTube. The idea was to make sure that every user that is watching a trending video on YouTube is greeted with a DBS ad that talks about the video that the person is watching and also the features of the brand.

Taking this forward, they created 20 different video ads based on trending topics from Sports, TV Series’, Bollywood, Technology, etc and contextually targeted them to their consumers where they visit the most i.e. on the relevant Trending YouTube Videos.

For example – A user searching for the Dangal movie trailer, saw a DBS ad which was a recreation of a famous Dangal scene.

Contextual targeting made sure they strengthened the brand recall and helped them achieve a higher View Completion Rate.

The Result

The response to the videos was amazing. The video series was a grand success and they were rewarded with ground-breaking numbers. With a 92% View Completion Rate, they inferred that the audience loved what they were watching considering they came on YouTube to watch their

If you, too, have executed exemplary campaigns in the last one year, go ahead and submit your nominations for the ICL Awards 2018 – India’s most sought-after Content programme of the Year.

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INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Innovation/Creativity in a Mobile Campaign)

Best Innovation/Creativity in a Mobile Campaign

By Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd for Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (Zee Cinema) 

The Campaign

Property:  Zee Cine Awards 2016

Campaign objective was high reach with high interaction. This was because the excitement/ interest will be generated only once the TG experiences the content.ZCA is all about quality star performances and awards, hence they had to excite the TG by showing interesting videos.

Apart from various web and social strategies, they came up with very interesting mobile innovation “Scratch to know more”.

The Idea

Ranveer Singh was one of the most important highlights of the ZCA awards. He has an extremely powerful on-screen image and connects with the youth and hence they thought of using his image to get people intrigued and explore the ad. They used ‘India’s only Genuine Awards’ as the core communication with Ranveer’s image to create interest in the minds of the users. The users would be taken on to a page which had further interactivity built in.

They created an HTML 5 creative which had an Initiator creative to begin with. The Initiator would appear in between the page, the user is currently browsing. The initiator creative had Ranveer’s image as a bait to catch the user’s attention with a powerful communication of “India’s only Genuine Awards Show”. On clicking the initiator creative, the user was led on to an HTML page that asked the user to scratch the screen to experience genuine magical moments. Once the user moved his fingers over the screen, the screen would clear from being a hazy screen to a clear image, with the Show timing communication and the Video for the users to view.

The creative also had a Click to the calendar which allowed users to set a reminder on one click.

The Result

The communication reached to approximately 1.3 m users. 20,555 people interacted with the creative (moved from Initiator to the scratch creative). CTR was 1.57% as compared to a benchmark of ~1.5 %.The average time spent on the creative was ~14 sec as against a benchmark of ~8 to 10 sec. 2067 people (~10% of the engaged audience) added the event to their calendar as against a benchmark of ~ 5%

If you, too, have executed exemplary campaigns in the last one year, go ahead and submit your nominations for the ICL Awards 2018 – India’s most sought-after Content programme of the Year.

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INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Innovation/Creativity in a Digital Campaign)

Best Innovation/Creativity in a Digital Campaign


The Campaign

The campaign was undertaken with the basic thought of creating an online innovation which will help the brand encourage / excite HDFC bank’s prospective customers to opt for the HDFC bank Diner’s Club Credit Card.

Objective: To make the prospective customers experience the premium lifestyle & benefits the card has to offer.

Marketing challenge – How can the brand use online to create a visual experience of these benefits by not just talking about them. The challenge was that can they create the world of a prospective user of the HDFC Diner’s club Credit Card.

The Idea

The idea was to create a 360 degree video which will create a visual glimpse to the world of benefits to the person who avails this credit card. The 360 degree video, which was the part of a campaign which would enable user to customize their experience by entering their details on a microsite.

With the use of digital innovation in the form of a 360 video, they successfully created a visual experience for the prospective customers to understand the luxuries & benefits they get to avail with a HDFC bank Diners’ Club Credit card which successfully communicated exactly what they wanted to.

The Result

2.2 million+ video views, 25k+ likes, 1000+ comments, positive sentiment rise – 52% & 5k+ shares. The campaign outperformed by 88% (BFSI studies)

If you, too, have executed exemplary campaigns in the last one year, go ahead and submit your nominations for the ICL Awards 2018 – India’s most sought-after Content programme of the Year.

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